We offer SolarWorld Sunmodule panels, which are USA made, along with racking and micro-inverters for  stand-alone pole mounted or ground mount grid-tied pv systems. We also offer LG MonoX modules and USA made Suniva and Sharp.

The Enphase microinverters performs maximum power point tracking and DC to AC conversion at each solar module. With every panel operating as an independent power producer, the solar system achieves maximum productivity, dramatically higher reliability and is resistant to environmental factors, such as shading and debris.

In addition, microinverters make it easier to design and install systems by eliminating string sizing and a number of components, such as combiner boxes, conduits and bypass diodes. Each microinverter is installed directly beneath its associated solar module using the same racking.  We specialize in top-of-the pole mounts and ground mounts.  Panels stay cooler when not on the roof, and are easier to keep clean when they are accessible. 



The average peak sun hours for Kansas is 4.5. If you want to produce around 20 kwh daily, you would need approx. 12-14 panels. Pricing on solar panels fluctuates, so we get a new quote on each job for the most current pricing available.



The 30% Federal tax credit applies to residential solar installations.


For more information on Federal tax credits:



SOLAR-READY AIR CONDITIONING: Installing 6 solar panels can offset the cost of operating a 3 ton air conditioner. These panels can be installed on the roof or ground mounted. Even with the cost of electricity climbing, your solar panels can keep your electric bill from sky rocketing.










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Solar Power Systems by Smalley Energy in Topeka Kansas



Solar Energy Systems by Smalley Energy in Topeka Kansas


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